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His devotion becomes even more important when Jamie falls ill and is sent to the hospital. Although he is a member of the Ten Society, Landon must also deal with the pain of his father's inability to perform the rites of the society. He must also contend with the truth behind the collapse of his parent's marriage and confront his new-found father for the first time. Landon becomes more and more determined to "find the girl" and the truth about his father. He discovers that his father, Troy, had hired an escort and after an awkward encounter, the pair finds and secretly sleeps with Jamie. Landon and Jamie's relationship is soon tested as his sister Heather is becoming more curious about Jamie and gives Landon an ultimatum. Heather tells Jamie about her and Landon's secret affair and Jamie leaves Landon. Landon moves on, but his self-denial and allegiance to the Ten Society have him questioning his decision to sacrifice himself for another. When Landon is almost expelled from the school, he learns that Troy has been killed in a car accident, and that his mother is now free to marry. Landon also learns that Jamie has regained her health. He is forced to confront his past mistakes, although he still yearns for the love he has lost. Characters Drama The drama is centered around the male protagonist Landon Carter. Landon is described as "the tortured heart of the book" by the protagonist, Jodie Emery. Landon's obsession with the word "love" causes him to dedicate his entire life to his version of love. The notion of unrequited love permeates the plot from the beginning to the end. Landon's relationship with his father, Troy, is one of unrequited love. He repeatedly tells his mother, Janice, that he does not want to be a Ten Society member and that his father's love and his own desires have destroyed their marriage. The only thing that Landon wants is a family. He does not want to go away to college because his father is old and has an incurable disease, and he does not want to marry his girlfriend, Jamie. While Jamie is supportive of Landon, he does not like how she has not been with other men. After much discussion with her parents, Landon's parents decide to marry each other. The main protagonist is Jodie Emery. Jodie is characterized as a "spiritual seeker" by Jodi Michelle at The




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